JCBK is a comprehensive multinational architectural design company, founded in Vancouver, Canada. JCBK Asian Pacific headquarter was founded in 2007, located in Shanghai, China. Now we have 3 branches in Asian Pacific market, with a design group including around 80 people.

The company applied itself to make design ideas come true through a deductive process from the original concepts to maturity models, adhering to traditional design manners. We show full respects to the original architectural design, and motivate each architect for his/her design inspirations and achievements.

The projects commissioned to us mainly include various types of planning and architectural design. We also have professional strength to complete a certain part of landscape design and interior design projects. The company’s design resume covers all types of public and residential architecture. We are particularly adept at high-end residential projects, medical and senior housing real estate, and comprehensive tourism projects.

We pay more attention to the growth of our architects and release their talented potentials under a circumstance of flat management.

We committed ourselves to become a comprehensive architectural company focusing on conceptional design. And we will create value for our clients through thinking and solutions.




Design Excellence, Innovation, Collaboration.

Our team interprets “Design Creates Value” through combination of art and technology.